We are the new and innovative bilingual primary and middle school in Vedano al Lambro

YIES is a multilingual and multicultural school.

Inspired by the educational principles outlined by the European Union  aiming at the holistic development of the child, it helps develop from infants to young adults.

Traditional subjects are taught in both Italian and English, with Spanish as a third language, developing an open approach to learning.

All subjects benefit from the YIES approach. They are reinforced through the use of different languages, creating an environment in which each child can find their own place. The teaching of innovative skills such as computer coding, robotics and design provide essential tools for students of the 21st century.

YIES is an educational environment where  elements such as serenity, support and co-operation are considered fundamental. It is the place where pupils are encouraged to develop their critical thinking and personal skills and to grow as  persons. At YIES, our goal is to develop skills, abilities and knowledge to help children grow as responsible citizens of the world; self-confident advocates of change, ready for the challenges of the 21st century.

IB® candidate

A.S. 2020-2021

YIES School is a candidate school* for the PYP. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education – that we believe is important for our students



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